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International Accessibility

The Théâtre Edouard VII is proud to welcome English speakers!

The Théâtre Edouard VII has a rich history of celebrating both French and English culture. The venue gets its name from English king Edward VII, « the most Parisian of British kings », and was designed by celebrated English architect William Sprague in the early 20th century. Since this time, the venue has produced celebrated comedies and has become a staple to Parisian boulevard theatre scene.

This Franco-Anglo collaboration didn’t end there, however! Since 2015, the Théâtre Édouard VII has partnered with Theatre in Paris to offer performances of French theatre with English subtitles. In this way, international audiences from all over the world are able to appreciate its wonderful French productions without worrying about the language barrier.

Whether you are an English speaker in Paris wishing to discover French theatre, or looking to bring international family and friends for a Parisian theatre night, a performance at the Théâtre Edouard VII with innovative English subtitles is the perfect idea!

How does it work?

Throughout the show English subtitles are projected onto a screen placed directly above the stage, following along with the dialogue in real time. Audience members are placed in specially-selected seats to ensure comfortably visibility of both the subtitles and the action on stage.
Since September 2019, in addition to the regular subtitling system, a new technology offering individual subtitles through a pair of smart glasses has been introduced. With this technology, the translation of the dialogue is shown individually on connected smartglasses, which allows audience members to fully enjoy the text and the staging within the same field of vision.


Details and reservations

Please note that only certain show dates include English subtitles.
Visibility of the subtitles projected onto a screen above the stage is optimal from a hand-selected group of seats, and subtitling through smart glasses is offered for a limited number of seats. In order to ensure a smooth experience for our English-speaking guests, we strongly advise booking your tickets through TheatreinParis.com dedicated platform in English.
Reserving with TheatreinParis.com guarantees that you are seated for optimal view of the subtitles, and that your pair of smart glasses will be reserved for you should you want to benefit from this individual subtitling technology. You will also get an exclusive show programme in English upon arrival at the theatre. You can contact TheatreinParis.com team at any time for questions, their English-speaking team is available by phone, email or chat.
Please be advised that booking tickets through any other channel will not guarantee subtitle availability nor ensure an English-speaking customer service.
English booking

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